What we do


Launching initiatives that spur decision-makers into action.


PR for Planet Earth

Our initiatives encourage commerce to improve our planet and our society.

Eneref Institute Initiatives

1. Encourage socially responsible, earth-friendly action.
2. Raise awareness for the efficient use of natural resources.
3. Foster conversations that lead to results.
4. Influence tangible implementation of sound solutions.


Our Initiative Philosophy

The mission of Eneref Institute is to raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that put forward an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy.

To accomplish our mission we create initiatives that deliver critical information about sound ideas to significant market influencers, including government agencies, media, sustainability officers, industry associations and key purchasers. To effect change directly, Eneref Institute initiatives connect executives with their key stakeholders and consequential decision-makers.


__To learn more about our philosophy and guiding principals visit our mission page.
__To learn more about initiatives, visit our initiatives page


Our Initiative Methodology

We develop and comprehensively manage efficient, effective and successful initiatives — from creative development, to communicating findings, to building advocacy support for sound ideas.

Eneref Institute Initiative Methodology

The goal of any Eneref initiative is tangible results — actual implementation of our endorsements. The key components include (r1) research and publishing the market obstacles to common sense solutions that can achieve effective results, (r2) authoring compelling case study reports, sustainability reports and responsibility reports about success stories, (r3) responding to our research findings by advocating for them with key stakeholders and (r4) publishing our Solutions Reports in order to recommend best practices.

__See examples of Eneref Institute initiative case studies
__See examples of Eneref Institute initiative market reports.


Your Participation Opportunities

We encourage participation and sponsorship in our initiatives from like-minded organizations and individuals. And we welcome opportunities to launch entirely new initiatives that echo our mission. 

Your benefits

> Communicate your salient ideas to prominent stakeholders.

> Gain our independent 3rd-party validation of sound solutions.

> Influence and drive change for what matters to you most.

> Get featured in our reports advocating for best practices.

> Gain ready access to subject matter industry experts.

> Especially beneficial — become a leader for your cause. 


__To learn about participation opportunities for 2014, see our current initiatives.
__To learn about sponsoring a new initiative see our sponsorship opportunities.


Get inspired. Be the leader. Influence causes. Drive change.








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